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Welcome to Insure Young Families.  We have great news, the cost of protecting your family with life insurance has never been less expensive.

For example, a $250,000 20-year guaranteed level term plan for a healthy non-tobacco 35-year-old male is less than $20 per month, female rates are even lower. 

These rates are subject to approval and the underwriting guidelines of the issuing insurance company. We have been in the life insurance protection business for the past 30 years and have a complete department that specializes in protecting young families. We can help give your family peace of mind knowing if tragedy strikes, you will have a financial safety net.

We understand many young families are very busy and have not looked at life insurance protection due to the time involved in having an agent meeting, applying and getting the policies put in force.  

Today with our technology we can issue policies in minutes instead of weeks. Just a few questions and we can do everything over the phone and internet, it could not be easier. We have advisors to answer your questions and to make certain you have the best plan to protect your family.    

We represent the top companies in the industry and one of the most affordable life insurance protection plans are 20-year level term policies which cover your family at the most important time, when the children are young. The cost is guaranteed to not increase for the initial 20-year period. The death benefit is tax free and guaranteed to not decrease.

This is one of the most affordable and important things you can do to protect your family. 

There is no cost or obligation for the information. Please contact us today to start giving your family peace of mind. 

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